Trade (Internal)

Trade includes both finished goods & labour.

Canada is one of the larger countries on planet Earth & sits in N. America immediately North of the larger (population) United States of America. Canada is divided among ten provinces & three territories which account for internal trade.

There are impediments to free trade within Canada which were partly removed in a 1994 agreement & further discussion is under way toward a totality of internal free trade.

Associated with internal trade it must be noted that external trade benefits greatly when there is internal free trade.


Life Styled

This is about the ultimate in styling life, not just defining a way of a life form presenting the way it lives but the very build of a life form. This is about the immediate shaping of the structure & composition of life.

Not the gradual amendment of an existing life as in going from wild boar to agricultural pig over many impregnations but the deliberate & immediate transformation by gene manipulation.

Now possible are many trivial & major manipulations, Good, bad & everything imaginable.

Cosmic Matter

Cosmic Matter is all Matter. The Milky Way Galaxy is part of that Matter but in this case where the blog is written in Canada, a country on planet Earth whose star is in the Milky Way Galaxy & where the earth colony will likely be in the Milky Way Galaxy I write separately about the Milky Way galaxy.

What gives Matter energy. Text books are packed with information but when this information is inspected we find it skirts the fundamental question & that eliminates the possibility of being an atheist, as I understand atheism.

Help! Now how should I proceed? I have decided to always look & present here the new treating it as newfound information to be used as the reader wishes.

Canadian Coast

The official sizing of “coast” on planet earth is a fixed linear dimension extending out from the shore that will be used here & in both the surface & the seabed plus it’s nether parts.

Arctic Canada

Arctic Canada, although important to Canada, seems to have been neglected by our government. This is no more than the impression I get as a curious Canadian. In this section of Canada Can Shine blog & starting 2019/04/08 I am reporting on my search & findings. Results I will link.

Eye on the Arctic


When European settlers first came to North America it was in a search for a western sea route to get them to India. They struck land after a long voyage west & conquered by use of the guns that were brought with them & at first inadvertently the un-resisted diseases brought with them. History tells us that when discovered to be also a weapon then the settlers so used these diseases. At first North of Mexico was a single country but later split in war to become USA & Canada. In fact the years between settlers & today are more complex in events than depicted but the gist is the same.

Canadian government provides a good link Indigenous by Canadian government.

Remarks by Jody Wilson-Rabold