Feeding Canada

Humans, Animals. Produced in Canada. Imported. Nutrition for Canada is ambitiously included in theory here but I do what I can so there are omissions. Sorry but I do what I can & tell me please where I miss & I will attempt to eliminate the error.

Planet Earth

Earth is not here as we knew it at the end of the twentieth century. Sustainable as it was becoming at that point in time is not likely we are told. Nor does it have a controlling body with the singular authority to keep it sustainable for so long as it exists as a recognisable entity. This then is about sustainable earth.

Sustainable Development Goals


Canada is a relatively big country on planet Earth. It is the country where I live & O’Canada is national anthem. This big country is politically divided into 10 provinces & 3 territories. Each area is linked to its government.

These are the provinces: British Columbia / Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba / Ontario / Quebec / New Brunswick / Nova Scotia / Prince Edward Isle / Newfoundland Labrador

These are the territories Yukon / Northwest / Nunavut

Although the areas are mainly political there are often also division lines at such points as a mountain range or river. Political divisions and physical divisions are often quite different. For example certain forest areas have similarities that encompass multiple political areas. Likewise northern areas take in multiple political areas. To avoid many repetitions descriptions are grouped in tags.