All Change

Much of this blog is what Canada is as a country now on planet Earth. The times they are a’changin as well so there is a series tagged “All Change” that details all the wonderful & often dangerous things that our clever scientific researchers have done in Canada & elsewhere on planet Earth. (All Change? A term shouted by railway porters on a platform where a feeder line terminated – O’Well, was asked.)

That we on planet Earth will create a colony on a planet of a distant star is certain. It will be a complicated matter that takes time in both the preparation & execution. When finished & unless we have an unforeseen discovery there will be no timely communication between the old & new. Exciting!

I often refer to how clever we are. I truly believe that in some areas but the fact is that we don’t even know about the mysterious thing we call energy. Yes we do know many things about measuring energy we have but we have no idea of amount available & so we cannot be Atheists. This interesting area I Tag as “Cosmic Matter”.